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Setting up the Zapier integration

What to know before you start

Right now Everhour’s Zapier integration is in the Beta stage. It is not publicly listed. You can use the following link to join it.

Beta does not mean that we aren’t sure it works well, but due to a Zapier policy towards all new integrations. Beta means you can’t find us on their official list of integrations. But when we reach a certain number of users, Zapier will add us to their public list.

Just use the link and press Accept invite buttonHaving done that, you can find Everhour while creating a new Zap.

Everhour Zapier Integration

You will also need to enter your Everhour API token that you can copy from your profile page.


Here is a list of available triggers from Everhour (events after which an action happens):

  1. New Project – Triggers when you create a new project.
  2. Timer Started – Triggers when a new timer starts.
  3. Time Updated – Triggers when changing the time in the task.
  4. New Task – Triggers when you create a new task.
  5. Timer Stopped – Triggers when a user stops a timer.
  6. New Section – Triggers when you add a new section/column to a project.
  7. New Client – Triggers when you create a new client.

Triggers number 1,4,6,7 apply only for our internal projects, not for projects from your integrated tools. It means that you need to select Asana as a trigger, if, let’s say, you wish to see some action after you create a new project there. For triggers 2,3,5, you can select any type of project, not just created through Everhour.

Some of the triggers require Set Up Options. You may select a particular project if you wish to trigger updates only for it, or leave it blank to trigger for all.

It goes without saying that when you don’t have access to a project in your PM tool or in Everhour, you can’t choose it to add to a zap.

Test this Zap gives a nice option to check what data will be transmitted to trigger an action.

Everhour Zapier Test Trigger


There is a complete list of actions in Everhour after the trigger:

  1. Start Timer – Starts a new timer.
  2. Create Task – Creates a new task.
  3. Create Project – Creates a new project.
  4. Stop Timer – Stops your running timer.
  5. Log Time – Adds time to a task.
  6. Create Client – Creates a new client.
  7. Create Section – Creates a new section.

Heads up, number 2,3,6,7 will work for projects that you create in Everhour, not from your PM tools.


This is where you finalize what you want to get in the result after we detect the trigger and the action.

Suppose you want to create a task in an Everhour-created project after you add a new event to your Google calendar. So, adding an event is your trigger and Create task in Everhour is an action. This is how it looks in Zapier:

Everhour Zapier Action Template

You need to decide on the project where you create a task, then choose a section/column too.

After this goes the title of the task you want to create. We advise clicking the icon on the right in order to make the title include data of your event. You will see the available fields. If Everhour is a trigger, then these are fields from us, not from your Google calendar.


You can come across 2 typical errors when making a Zap. You did not fill in a required field:

Zapier error

You did not fill in step 1 of your trigger/action:

Zapier error

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