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Everhour free trial

When you sign up for Everhour, your account is automatically enrolled in a 14-Days Free Trial, which allows you to use all features, create an unlimited number of projects, and invite as many people to those projects as you’d like.

A trial starts from the moment a team owner finishes the registration, all invited members have the same number of days with access, as the team owner. It means if you are invited when only 3 days a left, you have 3 days of access, not 14.

When your trial is over, choose a plan that’s right for you. All your account’s content and information will stay put! To pick a plan, you must be the Account owner.

Members and Admins should reach out their Account owner to ask him to update the plan.

Important: we don’t ask to enter your card credential before the trial expires. That means if you enter them during your active trial, we immediately charge you and start your paid period ending the trial.

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