You need to create clients before you create an invoice or would like to group time of several projects in reports by its name.

The first step asks you to give your client a name and tie your projects to it.


A client summary shows time you spent on a client within different periods, as well as budget usage, time by a member, and expenses that are not time.


This tab shows projects that belong to a client. You can manage billable status and budget of every project, or add new projects. A project could be used only with one client.


You can add business details, tax, discount and due terms for this client, which we will apply in our invoices. At the bottom of the page you can find buttons to archive or delete your client. This is important to know that active clients coming from Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks can’t be deleted. You should delete them in your tool.


They show a list of invoices you made for a client. You can issue a new invoice from this page.

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