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Editing time in reports

Any teammate can edit time right inside reports.

To do so, the report should include a “reported time” column. Hovering on it, you’ll see a little pencil icon.

In the pop up, time entries are grouped by team member, date and task.

Admins can edit reported time on behalf of any team member

Supervisors can edit time behalf of any team member. But only for tasks that are in the project to which a supervisor has access to in the 3rd party app.

Members can ONLY edit their personal time.

Everhour does not have an approval functionality, so reports are the place where we advise admins to audit what was tracked by their team and make changes.

In order to remove an entry, click trash icon or just enter 0 in input field.

edit time popup2

Admins could see a reported time even for projects they don’t have access to. The reason behind that to assure a team didn’t miscalculate time in their report sent to clients.

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