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Editing your profile

In the Profile Settings, you will find 4 sections.

Profile picture

You can see your avatar here. We take it automatically from the external app that you first linked with Everhour provided you have any there. It will stay the same even when you change it in an external app. At any moment you can upload another picture on our page.

Basic information

Here you can add a little something about yourself such as your full name, company title, email address which is your login. This data will be visible in reports and helps your team identify who you are.

You can also see your team name, team role and who is the team owner.

The time zone is set by default according to your computer settings. This information is critical when to define your first day of the week and send you summary emails or apply different rules, such as stop timer at a specific hour, etc.

Personal preferences

Here you can set time rounding to the format you are comfortable with when looking at reports. 

Here is an example how it works. Let’s say you have reported 1h27min, but is used to working when time is rounded to 30 minutes. A report will show that you worked 1h30min. If you reported 1h07min, a report shows that your reported time is 1h.

Just to clarify, we do not add/deduct time, but make it look they way you are used to work with. The entry history on Time Tracking page will show the exact number. 

Time format makes your entries and reports look with a different kind of numbers. Three first choices don’t have any influence on reports except how tracked hours are reflected.

The last choice (1.00/1.08/0.08) helps to transform hours into a number. Back to our example, if you reported 1h27min, you need to divide it by 60 to get exact number. So we have (60 (1hour) + 27(min))/60=1.45. I would like to note that we don’t apply any time rounding in this example.

Date format makes the date in your report looks conventional at your place.

Export time format defines how we export the data from a report into a csv and Excel format.

Default startup page defines what page of your account you see first while logging in to your account.

Application access

Your API token allows you and/or third-party tools to authenticate against the API and access your Everhour data. Currently used by our browser extension.

It should be kept private, like any other credentials.

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