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My activity and editing time

Entry history

You can see a detailed history of your time entries by week and by day under the search field.

If you find a mistake, simply click on the entry to see the option to edit and remove.

Navigate a cursor on your task in history to resume tracking time. It saves your time finding it in the search field

When you forgot to start a timer after resuming to work on a task, you can click add to quickly report the missed time.

What is more, it is possible to add time to this task for another date. You can then remove this entry if you need a task to show up as reported for another day.

Admins could lock edits after a certain period of time, meaning users with a member role neither will be able to correct past entries nor report time post factum.


If you see a lock icon next to your time, you’ll have to contact an admin for corrections.

Admins can also set up a budget limit on users or projects. When a user tries to go over the budget, we display an error explaining why time tracking is not available. Alongside with this error comes a notification with time available to add. Limit error in Everhour

Little donut chart as a progress indicator

Among other details, each time entry shows its progress indicator (original estimate versus reported time). Progress is reflected in a circle of different colors:

  • Gray dashed circle means no estimate provided (if you set an estimate but didn’t report time, the circle will be gray)
  • Green means you are still on target
  • Orange means you are close to estimate
  • Red means your reported time is longer than your original estimate.

By navigating your cursor on this circle, you can see the task estimate and adjust it.

When time entries are stopped automatically

Everhour can stop your timer automatically when account admins enable this setting. In this case, you will see a label indicating such an entry was stopped.

stopped automatically

Your time entry also displays a label when it was stopped by the other team members.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.17.02 PM

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