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Customizing your team settings

Team settings can be accessed by Admin clicking on Account and then choosing Team Settings

Company logo and business details

At the top, you can upload a company logo to appear on your invoices (available for the team owner and admins).

You also set your business details that we include into invoices that you create inside Everhour. This is not the same as an invoice that you receive from us.

Work schedule and company policies

This block allows you to set work days and hours for your team. This setting is important when you receive our summary emails (usually an hour before the day start). Here you can configure the automated stoppage of all running timers outside work hours.

As a result, admins don’t need to worry that the staff will leave the office without stopping a timer. All people who forgot to stop timer receive an email reminder that the timer was stopped automatically.

Here it is possible to lock time editing for your team members after a certain period of time. 

Say you are a regular member of an organization with a “weekly” limit configured. In such a case, on Monday you are no longer able to change entries made on previous Monday and earlier.

Another important item of settings defines your first day of the week. It directly influences your reports and data that shows how much you worked on something this or last week. This parameter is set globally to everyone in the team.

When you wish people add time for future dates, you can enable this option here.

Invoicing Settings

You can read more here.

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