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Creating an internal project


We give much attention to integrations and the ability to track time in most popular project management tools. However, Everhour can be a full-fledged task management tool by itself. 

Some of you might be satisfied with basic time tracking features which Everhour gives. Other teams (like us), might use projects for misc or recurring tasks that do not fall into any project from your external project management tool.

Create an internal project

This option is available to the team owner and admins. Regular members can’t create an internal project. Admins and the owner could edit all other projects and add themselves to the project contributors to be able to track time against them.

To create a new project, go to Projects> Create Project.


When you click to add a new project, you can:

  1. give it a name
  2. choose its layout (list view or board view)
  3. grant specific team members access to the project

When you save the project, you can find it anytime under your Projects tab. Click on it to see its tasks.


Projects in Everhour may look like a list.

Or, because Kanban boards are a hot trend in project management software #rightnow, with such pioneers as Trello and late adopters as Github and Asana, we also allow you to make your internal project look like a board.

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