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Connecting Everhour with Jira

How to Connect

1. Create JIRA application

The first step would be to create an application in Jira to connect it later to Everhour. Below we guide you step by step how to do this.

Go to Settings > Applications > Application Links

or add “/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks” to your base URL.

Type “https://everhour.com” and press the Create new link button.

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 04 47

You will see a warning that the Url is invalid. Please ignore the message and click Continue.

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 03 42

Now you need to configure your application. Please, fill in the same fields as you see on the screenshot (may copy the same info under the screenshot) and check the mark near Create incoming link:

jira consumer key

Application Name: Everhour
Application Type: Generic Application
Service Provider Name: Everhour
Consumer key: YAZm8KTbuwuK7ZJ
Shared secret: FqgB5IfGdT1btiGT
Request Token URL: /
Access token URL: /
Authorize URL: /
Create Incoming Link: CHECKED

Click Continue and enter Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key ( you may copy the same info under this screenshot).

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 09 45

Consumer Key: YAZm8KTbuwuK7ZJ (or any other password-like string)
Consumer Name: Everhour
Public Key: 

Click Continue to finish the setup. You should now see Everhour on the application list.

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 11 23

2. Connect with Everhour

Now you should go to your Everhour account > Integrations and click Add More Applications. Select JIRA from the application list and fill your Name (any title of your account), the Url (leading to your Jira account) and the Consumer key (the same you entered above).

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 14 34

Click Connect to finish setup.

3. Enable connection for other members.

Now, when you’ve already connected with JIRA application, other team members can select this configuration.

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 15 18 28

What’s get connected

When you connect Jira, Everhour will sync all your projects across all organizations and issues that belong to these projects.

Sync happens periodically and automatically, so all new issues that you create in Jira will be automatically added to your Everhour account. Everhour also changes the names of issues or repositories, if you rename them in Jira.

Everhour usually syncs information every 15-30 minutes, but some rare changes (e.g. update priorities or milestones) occur less frequently. We do a force sync every 24 hours to ensure that we update everything.

You can always force sync any existing project yourself on the Integrations page.

What’s not

We do not place a timer on issues of projects that are from business type. We also don’t place a timer on your issues when you have a self-hosted Jira.

We don’t connect with archived projects. The reason is that we no longer see such project connected to Everhour, so time entries from it disappear from your Time page but remain in reports for team admins.

We don’t sync Jira custom fields now as in some other integrations due to technical challenges to do that.

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