Connected apps

When you connect Everhour with your external tool, it works magic by syncing with accounts, projects, and tasks, and you can track time for them.

That applies to newly created projects and tasks too, which sync with Everhour automatically.

Managing your apps

To find apps your team is currently using just click on your Avatar in the upper right corner, choose Account, then select Integrations.

Here you can add new integrations. 

Each connected app shows an account name (who added the app and who owns it) and the status (meaning the sync was done or in progress).

Disabling integrations

If you wish to disable integration, click on Disable link. You will stop sync of all your projects and tasks from that account.

This doesn’t affect the integration of your colleagues with this tool. They still see updates of projects and tasks.

Sync timing

Synchronization is fully automated. This means all new projects and tasks will appear into Everhour without any involvement on your side.

It might take longer to show the change of a label or name change of a project. But eventually, we will show these changes too. 

If you create a new project, it usually takes us 60 minutes to sync. To see a timer button right away, click on a force sync button and reload your project page.


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