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Why to use invoices in Everhour

The time your team tracks can be billable and non-billable. A manager should understand what portion of billable time has been already paid. There is a need to periodically reserve this billable time, not to mess it with the total time that your team tracks. 

The easiest way to do this in Everhour is to create an invoice showing the billable time you tracked for a client at a certain period and its cost based on hourly rates of your team.

It saves your time for projects that are already marked as billable, you set hourly rates on a member or a project and indicated non-billable tasks. When your team reports time, the only thing to do is to click on the button to create an invoice. The time in the invoice marked as invoiced does not appear in any further invoices.

Create an invoice

To create an invoice, you need to open the page called Invoices, choose a client, then its projects, period and check to include time and expenses.

If you uncheck time and expenses, we create a free-form invoice with an empty line item. You can enter your description, time and billable amount. This information from a free-form invoice does not get into your reports.

When you wish to round time in your invoice, you can set this on a separate applications page in the invoices block.

An invoice draft shows tracked time grouped by a line item. There are a couple of meta tags we offer to use. You can use multiple tags, as well as add your free text notes here or right inside of the draft invoice. This is impossible to add a custom meta tag for a line item. 

You can delete a line item. The time will be released and get to the next invoice when you select all uninvoiced time or include this time period.

You can add a new blank line item and enter your description with time and billable amount. As with the free-form invoice, we don’t add this information to your reports.

When you have billable expenses in a project, an expense appears as a separate line item on your invoice.

The invoice blocks with data have their predefined order and text. This is not possible to change the position of a field or add a custom one, but you can enter your own text if an invoice is for a client created in Everhour. This is handy if you wish to localize an invoice to another language. When you change the text of any block, the change applies to all invoices of Everhour clients.

When you save an invoice draft, you can see the option to download it as a PDF.

Connection to accounting tools

You can connect Everhour to some of the existing accounting tools, namely Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks Online. It gives you an option to export an Everhour invoice after you created it.

As a result, your financial team saves a lot of time by creating an invoice for billable time once and transferring it to their preferred work tool. All further financial work happens there, and Everhour shows you the time that has been already invoiced and needs to be invoiced else. 

You should know that Everhour does not catch the change you made inside your accounting tool, i.e. if you change the amount of billable time after the export, the number updates in the invoice in Everhour, but does not update time in your reports.

Your accounting tool can be connected by team admins on the Integrations page. Because our Invoices are visible only to admins, a user needs to be an admin in order to make invoices and export them.

Invoices in Reports

You can see the list of issued invoices in a special tab, but you can also analyze the amount of invoiced time by different period or member. The columns that you can use to see a breakdown of time are:

  • Invoiced/ Uninvoiced time.
  • Invoiced/ Uninvoiced amount.
If you change the invoiced time in the invoice draft, we consider it as custom added. It won’t be updated in your reports.

What else you should know

  • We don’t issue invoices for retainers or fixed-price projects. The invoice is based on hours that you spent on a client project.
  • We don't issue quotes, proposals, and estimates for clients. Only invoices with actually spent time.
  • There is payroll functionality.
  • If you issue an invoice and then update its time in Everhour, the invoice remains intact. You need to re-issue an invoice to include a new period to it.
  • All invoices can be downloaded as a PDF file. We don’t have a functionality to send an invoice directly via email from Everhour.
  • There is no way to pay for an invoice through Everhour.
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