Notification preferences


Notification page allows setting up your preferable notifications for different actions in Everhour team account to be alerted. These notifications vary depending on your Everhour team role. All preferences set up here are individual for a user profile and do not touch others’ settings.

General settings and desktop notifications

Desktop notifications let you follow your timer ticking when you keep working in your browser.

In case you want to know if the timer works more than some set period of time, you need to switch these notifications to receive the data from Everhour. Also, you should do it if the timer has not been started after a certain time during the day.

Admin and other notifications

Admin notifications are connected with the actions that may occur in the team. These cases are connected with:

  • New team joinings.
  • Access to the account.
  • Passwords resets and suspended accounts.
  • User deactivation.
  • Unsubscribe from budget notifications about reached thresholds.
  • Team owners receive notifications about payments and changes made with a subscription. It’s impossible to turn off this type of notifications.

Summary emails

These are the letters with compiled info on team progress sent daily, weekly or monthly for a project or a member. These letters are sent according to your team settings on your workday.

  • Members receive summary time info in comparison with the previous period. They see the top tasks chart, and total time over the project you’re recently working on.
  • Supervisors receive emails with time for each team member on projects these supervisors have access to.
  • Admins can see a time per team member for the period, all projects and client progress with budgets if they exist for a project or a client.

Engagement emails

Other notification letters to get your feedback can be completely turned off:

  • Everhour follow-up emails during your trial period.
  • Product updates.
  • Periodic surveys.
  • Inquires to participate in our marketing campaigns.
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