Track expenses

What are expenses

Alongside billable hours, you may also pay for services you use in your work and would like to later include them into your invoices. For example, travel costs to meet with a client or buy some stock photos.
It does not have to be only expenses that you bill to your clients. You can also add your internal costs here, the costs that your employees incur for subsequent compensation, etc.

How to create expenses

Admins could see a separate tab called Expenses. It shows your expenses stats that could be grouped by different criteria, such as category, period, projects and more. Before creating any expense, go to Account > More > Expenses categories to set up categories for company expenses.
To create an expense, click on the Add Expense button. It opens up a modal window where you can enter the date and amount, choose a category, provide a description, attach files, link to a project and a member.

An expense can be calculated by units too. This calculates the cost amount with a pre-defined rate per unit(a mile, copy). Units can be set for categories.

Calculating expenses in invoices and project budgets

When you create an invoice and mark it billable, we associate it with a billable project of a client. It allows you to see this expense when you create a client invoice. It will appear as a separate line item.

All expenses are automatically counted in project budgets displayed as money. Open budget settings and exclude expenses from progress if you need to do this.

How to export expenses

A team admin can open the Expenses tab to find all company expenses listed according to filters selected on the page. Click on the 3-dot label near Expenses to see an option saying “Download CSV”.

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