Manage clients

Types of clients in Everhour

A client is a person or company that ordered your service and whom you are going to bill for the time spent on a project(-s). You need to create a client in order to issue an invoice in Everhour or to group time of several projects in reports by its name. Only admins can create and see clients.

The list of clients shows:

  1. Where a client was created.
  2. Its title. Hover on it to see an option to make it favorite.
  3. What projects are assigned to a client.
  4. The amount of uninvoiced time.
  5. A client budget.

When you click on the Create Client button, you add an internal client in Everhour. During this process, you fill the client name, select the projects a client associates with, add some business details, tax, discount and due terms for the client, which will be shown in invoices later.

If you use accounting apps like Xero, QuickBooks or FreshBooks, we automatically mirror all your customers in Everhour as our clients. It’s more than useful because you don’t waste your time creating all the data once again. This is impossible to import clients from any other tools or sources, like a .csv or excel file.

To switch on the necessary integration, just follow your Account > Integrations and add your accounting tool with a couple of clicks. This is possible to connect only when you have an admin role.

A client summary

You can click on a client name to open its summary with 3 tabs.

The first tab is also called Summary. It contains a bar chart with reported time grouped by month or week and shows the volume of billable and non-billable time. It also shows the usage of a client budget depending on the period you have, and team timesheet for the last two weeks. Further, you see the information about reported time per project and per member. Lastly, come expenses if you have any in a client project.

The second tab of a client profile shows its projects, where you can make them billable, change a budget for each project and set a budget for the client. A budget of a client does not depend on project budgets, i.e. we don’t prevent you from adding 50h to a client budget and 100h to a project budget of this client.

Invoices show the history of made invoices and allow you to generate a new one.

You can open client settings by clicking on a 3-dot label near its name when you wish to add a new project to it, change its name or edit business details.

Archiving and deleting a client

You can archive a client by selecting it on the Clients page or from client settings. It puts a client into a separate tab and hides from your eyes when you don’t intend to work with it for now. You can still edit the previous invoices you created before.

To delete an internal client admin open its settings and choose More actions in the bottom right-hand corner.

Active clients coming from Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks can’t be deleted from Everhour. You should delete them in your tool and they will disappear with the next automatic sync.

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