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Types of projects in Everhour

A project is an individual or collaborative planned set of tasks where you track your time. Projects are highly instrumental for organizing a certain set of tasks and track time with a budget for them or making a report to see a time spend on tasks that belong to this project.

We divide projects in our structure into two types: external and internal. Projects from your project management tool that you connected to Everhour are called external and have an icon of your connected tool. By default, we sync all active projects a user has access to. Internal projects are the projects that team admins create inside Everhour and have our icon.

It takes Everhour some time to push a fresh change done in an external project. If you want to see this change in Everhour straight away, you need to resync by selecting a project/projects and clicking on the appeared button. After that, refresh your page with old info.

A project summary

When you open Projects and click on any project name, you can see a short summary.

It contains a bar chart with reported time grouped by month or week and shows the volume of billable and non-billable time. It also shows the usage of a project budget depending on the period you have, and team timesheet for the last two weeks. Further, you see the information about the reported time and per member. Lastly, come expenses if you have any in a project.

If you open an internal project, the first page is with its tasks, where you can track time, the summary tab is located next to it.

At the top on the right, you can see the budget of the project. They are also visible if you go back to Projects. Admins could change the budget of a project there as well as use some other options.

The dollar label next to a project name allows team admins to set a billing method of any project.

When you return to the general view on Projects, you can see options to group projects by a workspace or a client name, by billing status or by budget. In Filter by you select filtering by a billable or non-billable status of the project, its budget limitations, assigned to a client or not, e.t.c.

Archiving and deleting a project

Everyone can archive any type of projects, making impossible further time tracking. The project will be transferred to the Archived tab. All time of an archived project can be found in Reports. 

An admin can delete an internal Everhour project, and all its time entries will be permanently removed from all pages and reports. 

This is not possible to delete an external project. It should be deleted in your tool first so that we move it to our archive.

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