Create an internal project in Everhour

No worries if you don't use any task manager like Asana, Trello, etc.,  Everhour can be a full-fledged task management tool by itself. You can create internal projects, assign them to clients, and start tracking time on them right inside the Everhour app. 

Create a new project in Everhour

To create a new internal project, go to the Project tab, and hit the 'Create Project' button. 

  1. Type the name of the project;
  2. Assign the project to a client or leave it unassigned if you haven't created any clients yet;
  3. Invite team members to participate in the project.

Create tasks in the project

To populate your Everhour project with tasks, type the title of the section, and add a task through the  Add Card/Task button. 

This is how the project creation looks at a glance:

Done! Now you can proceed to the article explaining how to start time tracking.

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