Start time tracking with Everhour

Once you assemble your team and connect the necessary integrations, you can start tracking your activity with Everhour.

Track time via Everhour account

Your Everhour account can be used to report hours to all projects you work on. Log in and open the Time page that contains your personal time to track history split by week and days. 
Use the search bar to:
  1. Find any project (both internal Everhour projects and projects from the connected integrations); 
  2. Choose the necessary task from the selected project; 
  3. Start a timer on the task or enter hours manually for the past. Move a slider to report a period of work. 

Track time inside your project management tool

We use the Everhour extension to embed timer and other functionality directly into your project management tool (see a full list of Everhour integrations here). 
Note: time tracking in any external application will not be possible without the extension installed on your browser.
Inside a PM tool, you can:
  • Select a task and start the timer;
  • Add hours manually for today and past dates;
  • Edit previously entered hours;
  • View the Timesheet with daily and weekly time totals and hours per task.
Below is a brief overview of how it works in Asana. Visit our Knowledge Base to find out more about other PM tools.

Track time via Everhour extension window

The Everhour browser extension can be used to track and add hours without opening a project management tool or Everhour account page:
  • Click on the green timer icon in your browser toolbar; 
  • Start the timer on one of the recent tasks; 
  • Add hours manually in any entry mode (hours, interval) or edit time; 
  • Search tasks that are not on the list using the search tool on the right.

Clock-in & Clock-out

Use the 'Clock in' button to mark the start of your working day and 'Clock out' to finish it. Clocking in and out multiple times adds break periods to your working day.

If you start your timer, the system automatically clocks you in. If you clock out with the timer running, the system stops the timer.

You can view your attendance data on the Timecard tab on the Time page. Admins see the team’s attendance on the Team page. The lines on the graph can show when a person clocked in, clocked out for breaks, and ended the work.

Time to track time!

Now that we have covered the basics, you can get down to tracking your team's time with Everhour!

Visit other sections of our Knowledge Base for advanced productivity-tracking techniques, such as Scheduling resources, Budgeting, Tracking expenses, Client invoicing, Reporting, and many others.

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