Assemble your team in Everhour

Invite people to your Everhour team

Once you create your account and complete the onboarding, you can start inviting your teammates to join the Everhour team. You can do that on the Member page of your account.

Type in the emails of people you want to take onboard and select one of the user roles for them: regular members, members with limited access, supervisors, or admins.

Set rate, cost, and capacity for your employees

Set rate, cost, capacity, work limit, and team group for each of the team members:

  • Rate is how much you charge your client for an hour of an employee's work.

  • Cost is what you pay an employee for an hour of work.

  • Capacity is a weekly normal working load of each employee. It will be later used for Resource Scheduling.

  • Limit allows preventing overtime within a day/week/month by a user.

  • Team group can let you make reports with time spent by users who are united by a certain criterion (department, activity, etc.).

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