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Reasons to use schedule

An essential part of time tracking is to plan the work of your team in advance and know what they should work on now and in the future. We offer to do that in our Schedule tab. It helps to stay on track for weeks ahead.

The aim of the tool is to plan hours on a project level against weekly capacity a member has. It allows seeing what projects they should work and how many hours to dedicate to each project. A manager also sees if a team member is free to start working on another project.

Another reason to use schedule is to put absence hours of your team to exclude it from general member capacity and have a more precise understanding of available time a user has.

How to start scheduling hours

First step: manually include projects in the upper right-hand corner by Clicking on Edit Projects. A project that shows up always is called Time Off. By the way, Schedule is available only if you are an admin in your team. But admins can let other members see this page in application settings.

Second step: switch to Edit Members to include your team on this page. If you can't select a project for a member to make an assignment, you can ask them to confirm that they have joined your team and finished the registration process. You can add a weekly capacity (from 0h to 80h) on the Members page. Capacity allows you to see the planned time against the time you can work per week.

After including your projects and members, you make an assignment in 2 views: by a member and by a project. First go projects with assignments, we hide unscheduled projects and unfold the next 5 lines displayed alphabetically.

You can create an assignment by clicking on the green button in the upper right-hand corner or capture a period on the user/project calendar. An assignment is a number of hours per day or per a selected period for a member should spend on a project. You can make an assignment on one project at a time but select multiple members.

At the top on the left, you can filter the page by projects, members and hide the rows that have no assignments.

What else you should know

  • This is not possible to see task estimates that you make for your team. Assignments are manually created and have no connection to a task estimate;
  • We do not show a project budget on this page;
  • We do not show the actually spent time of a member on assigned projects. It can be seen if a user makes a custom report;
  • Supervisors and Members can schedule hours only for projects they have access to. They also don’t see assignments created in other projects;
  • You can’t make Time off for a part of the day;
  • You can’t schedule hours for weekends.
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