Time off, sick days and vacations

General mechanism of work

The time off details show up in:

  • Team time off tab.
  • Schedule.
  • Home page and Member summary. 
  • Personal and Team Timesheets.

To enable of disable this application, a team admin should go to their Account under an avatar > Apps. When you find a Time off block, it allows creating categories for each event. This is possible to let supervisors also manage time off events.

Admins can create a new time off for:

  • A full day.
  • 3/4 day.
  • half of the day
  • 1/4 day

The hours will be calculated based on a user weekly capacity that you can add for each member on your Team page > Members.

Team time off tab

All details related to the team members' absence are available for Admins on the Time off page. You can group and filter the data by member, time off type and choose a certain period to check the data for. 


Time off days shown up in Schedule help to calculate the capacity and display the working calendar more accurately by excluding the certain days from a user capacity this week. Collapsed Time off assignment appears as a user avatar and number of days from the assignment. And don't be surprised to see a user avatar twice in the same week, it happens if time off categories are different.

Please note, Regular Members and Supervisors can also create time off assignments via Schedule if they are granted Full access permission by Admin in Schedule settings.

Home page and member summary

Admins can see the members’ time off indicators on the Home page in Timers and Timesheet sections. You can see additional details if you hover over time off indicator.

Below is the dashboard fully dedicated to the team time off. You can create an assignment right here by capturing a period on the caledar.

You can also hit a user avatar to see all personal details related to the member's time off and create additional time off days here.

Members can also see their time off details on the Home page. 


Time off is also added to the team timesheet page for better visibility so Admins can see the time off days and types for each member on a team timesheet as well. Once you hover over the day, it will show you the hours occupied by the time off and the hours reported that day, if any.

All members can see their time off details in their personal Timesheets in Everhour and Timesheet frames in Asana and Trello.

Tracking absence in projects

You can set an internal, non-billable project in Everhour and list the type of absence as sections: vacations, sick leaves, days off and partial absence. Each section can have a task to track time. You can even create tasks for short breaks and time to smoke a cigarette. 

Your team can track time for this project as for any other project created in Everhour: using the live timer or adding hours manually. You need to activate an option to track time for the future if you wish to log vacation hours in advance. Admins can do it in Team settings

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