Same report shows different time values

There are three main reasons that totals differ for each member in the same report:

  • Data sync delay.
  • Member roles and permissions.
  • Rounding settings.

Data sync delay

The main priority for our sync is to update the time entries in real-time. If one of the members delete or rename a project or a task inside the project management tool, these updates will show up in your reports in a certain delay since this kind of data sync is not the highest priority. It may cause discrepancies in the same report for different members. 

If you do not have much time to wait and need the results right away, you can run manual sync through your account. If there was a change on a task level, you will need to sync the project this task belongs to. Simply go to Projects, choose the right project and hit Resync - Resync Tasks. 

If you made some changes on a Project level, you will need to resync the whole integration. Please go to Account (hit your avatar in the upper right corner) - Integrations and hit Resync Projects next to your integration.

Roles and permissions

As you know team members may have different roles and permissions in Everhour. You may have access to the projects some of the other members in your team may have no access to. In such cases, even if you share your report with the other members, they will not be able to see the time you tracked under the projects they have no access to, so the totals for you and for those members in this report will be different. 

Personal rounding settings

The time shown up in reports is, basically, rounded according to the member's personal settings. The Personal Preferences allows you to change the way you see the information in Everhour reports. Any change that you make in this block is personal, i.e. has no effect on how other members see information in their reports.
You can round time in your reports to the nearest number or round up. Mind that it is not the same rounding that you have for invoices when going to applications. 
For example, your account Rounds all data Up (15 mins interval) but it Rounds to Nearest (15 mins) in the other member's account. Let's say, there are 17 minutes reported on a task. Your account will show 30 mins in a report since it always rounds all data UP by 15 mins. At the same time, your teammate's account will show 15 mins in the same report since his/her account rounds data To Nearest by 15 mins.
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