Data import and export

How to import data into Everhour

Unfortunately, there is no option to import data into Everhour through a CSV file or any other format. Our data structure makes no choice doing that and we have not figured out an easy way to fix that.

We are very sorry for not providing you with an import option. This is definitely among our priorities in future.

Temporarily, you can:

  • Keep your file locally to refer to your historical time logs.
  • When you have a single platform where you keep your information, you can check our API to export Everhour logs and combine it with your previous time records.

How to export data from Everhour

You have 3 options at your disposal:

  1. Make a report by logging in to your account and going to Reports. Build a report you need and hit on Save to see Download with CSV, Excel and PDF options.
  2. Go to Account > More > Export Data and download all logs in a JSON file.
  3. Use our API to export time.
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