Budgets in reports

Admins can find and add budget columns to their reports to see the project budgets, budget period, what was spent and what remains. A nice addition is to be able to see the budget spent and remained not just as a bare number, but also in percentage.

Reports with budgets are available for Admins only. It means that Members and Supervisors don’t see any budget columns when building a report, even if they were granted access to project budgets.

We have also skipped the grouping of budgets by periods. For now, each overall budget will show up in a separate group.

You can also apply conditional formatting here but for Budget Spent (%) and Budget Remained (%) columns only.

What else you should know

  • We don't sum up budget totals in reports since the budget value may be expressed in money and hours in the same column.
  • We don't show client budgets in reports (for now).
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