How to replace members in Everhour

When managing a team, you can face a situation when you need to delete some members of the company and add the new participants to your team. We don't just replace the existing members by substituting them with the new users. 

What to do to change who is in your team

In case you need to add new members, firstly you should deactivate the former ones. After this action, the user will not be able to track time and had no access to their profile. We act this way to let you check the historical logs of the members who were removed. So, we don't delete the users completely, but keep them disabled together with all the time reported. Any admin can return a member back to the team. 

All the actions with the team members are made through the Team page > Members tab. Here an admin finds an appropriate user, clicks on a 3-dot-sign near the title badge, and chooses the Edit profile option. The red button Deactivate is placed at the bottom on the right.

The next step is to invite a new user to your account.

What else I should know

  • An unused sum of money left from the deactivated member is kept as a credit and applies with your next subscription fee.
  • We don't take any extra payments at once while you add new members but give a room of a couple of hours to establish the right number of teammates.
  • All and invited users who are in the pending state will be included to the team. It means we also charge for them in your subscription.
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