Asana Integration: Report totals are different

Sometimes you may see that numbers in exported reports (when calculated with formulas line by line) and the reports in your interface are different. One of the main reasons for this difference is that Asana has an option to share a task between different projects. This article explains how we work with time tracked into such tasks.

How time is displayed in reports

We display time in each project where a task is added but the total is not duplicated. 2 tasks belong to two projects, but you tracked time only once and just share tasks.

If you export a report in csv or excel, nobody prevents you to use an auto sum and make you think the total is wrong. This is not a bug, we show time of shared tasks in each line too, but the total is not summed up.

How billable time is counted

We calculate the billable amount for each project but count it in total only once. However, you should keep in mind some details.

If you have a task in projects that have different rates, we take the highest rate for calculation. The screenshot below shows a task in two projects: Starting with Asana has a rate of 175$ and Test Board has a rate of 125$.

What else you should know

  • If you invoice a time for one project, this time won't appear in the invoice for the other projects.
  • If you add time to this task in one project, it will affect the hourly budgets of all projects with this task.
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