Everhour vocabulary

Every software has a range of terms and abbreviations it uses to describe its work. You may find our terminology across articles from this knowledge base and talking to our support agents. Let's try to bring under one place all words the Everhour team uses to describe the product. We hope it helps to understand the product better.

Team account

This is an account that is created by a person who first registered with your company domain email address and created a team. It may have multiple members in it. A user can't join different teams with the same email address. 

User account

We also call it a Member profile. A user creates it when he/she joins a team account. Tracks time with a team in its projects. Each profile has its unique email address and should connect Everhour with other tools if your team tracks time in software like Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, etc.

Trial period

14 days after you created a team account. It applies to all team members. After it ends, we lock access and delete an account if no subscription is purchased within 30 days after a trial ends.


This is another software we can connect to Everhour to let you track time there. If your project management tool is integrated with us, you can use our timer directly in your tasks, as well as add hours manually or edit time without opening Everhour.


A collection of tasks combined with one title. We use it in reports to show where you spent time, to show the budget allocated on its tasks, to invoice time of a client, to schedule hours. Projects can come from your integrations and from Everhour.

Internal project

A type of project created in Everhour. It is not connected with any external tool and has its own tasks where you can track time. We recommend using such projects for daily recurring tasks with non-billable time alongside projects from integrations. However, such a project can be used for tracking billable hours too.


The name of a person or company you do the work. Clients have projects where you track time. If a client project is billable, you can issue an invoice for a client.


A number of hours or amount of money you want to spend on work. A budget can apply to projects and clients. We do not have fixed-fee budgets.

Team Member

A person who is invited to your Everhour team.

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