Free trial for Everhour team

How to start a trial

The user who first registers an account with Everhour starts a free 14-day trial to test all Everhour features. A trial starts from the moment a team owner finishes the registration, all invited members have the same number of days with access. It means if you are invited when only 3 days a left, you have 3 days of access, not 14.

This is possible to invite an unlimited number of users to your team.

After the trial ends

When your trial is over, you have a couple of options at your disposal:

  • Buy a subscription for the number of users already in your team. When you wish to change the list of members, please contact us.
  • Extend your trial by a week in exchange of a tweet or facebook post saying that you are currently trying Everhour. You should tweet/post using our dedicated form on the billing page in the FAQ section.
  • Leave the team account untouched. It will be automatically deleted after 30 days. You can also delete it immediately yourself from this page. This is mandatory to give a reason in order to delete an account.
  • When you need to save the data with your time records, there is an option to download it as a JSON file.
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