Intro to Everhour

Everhour is a skilful time tracking software in the form of a web application, browser extension and an iPhone app that helps to measure hours for your daily tasks. We really favor simplicity and accuracy, transparency and a team-oriented approach that makes us stand out from other tools.

Simple, accurate, transparent time tracking for teams

We are simple because our onboarding process is fast and straightforward. Start to track time in just a few clicks, quickly switching between tasks.

We are accurate because the timer lets you track your time up to the minute and for each task. This is possible to see the exact hours and minutes you spent on your tasks within different time ranges through our flexible reports. Moreover, an active timer let other team members see the task you’re currently working on, whereas that won't work for the timesheets fulfilled by the end of the day or week.

We are transparent because you can see the time of your whole team if you all share the same projects and tasks. It leads to understanding by everybody the team progress and figuring out bottlenecks. It also means we are a team-oriented. Though Everhour does a good job helping to track time if you work alone.

No app and screenshots tracking

We don't monitor and report every your step like a sleuth. We share an approach that an employee is fair towards an employer and doesn't abuse their work time.

There are tools that can show you the time you spend on social networks or take screenshots of what pages you visited. That's not about us. We don't supervise what you do during your work, instead, we are focused on the time you track delivering the final result. 

Every staff member may estimate the task, track time there and leave some extra comments. If the member doesn’t devote enough time to this evaluation, it will be evident.
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