Everhour Team

What is a team in Everhour

A team allows your company track time together, see the hours of each other and make reports with collaborative time, set the budget for projects, follow the progress together, etc.

Furthermore, we have a range of additional Team settings like lock time editing, stop timer automatically at the day’s end and others that help to enhance teamwork.

Who can create a team

The first user who sets up Everhour creates a team and can invite the rest of the company. The team owner is the key figure in Everhour team who creates a new team, manage its activity and makes the subscription payment. Team admins can send the invitation to other team participants too.

The owner can be also easily changed. In case you need to transfer the rights of team ownership to someone else from your company, write us the email address of your new team owner.

How to join and delete the team

In case you need to add a new member or remove someone, just move to the Members page. There is no limit to the number of members.

Invitees should follow the link they get from a team owner or admins. They go through the series of steps during which they add their profile to a team. The procedure of registration should be totally completed, otherwise, you will not be able to sync the data and track your time together.

If you join the team on your own, one of the team admins should accept your request to join the existing team. The person who creates the team has the authority to delete the team if necessary. The delete account button appears in Team Settings page. 

This is mandatory to fill in the survey with a reason why you decided to delete the team. After you do this, all data will be permanently lost.

Basic settings of your team

Any team admin can open team settings and add some information about the company.

  • Logo and Basic information will be used in your invoices that you make for a client through Everhour.
  • Default team settings define in what currency we display the price of your time, as well as what rate nd cost to use if a user and project has none. Capacity also is taken from here when you don't add it to your team page.
  • The work schedule block defines when we trigger our notification to your team. Like the daily summary email that is sent at the beginning of each working day, or when to stop automatically the timers according to your working hours.
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