Detailed time log

Time log for inner audit

All changes and estimates made to the task time are available for your revision. In case you have questions about how the time was logged, you can check the time log to clarify the situation.

Where to find it 

The time log is located inside task details. Any user can open it by clicking on the task name either from the Time page or within reports in Everhour, and choose Time log on the right. 
The cases in the log are divided into time cases and estimate ones. The data inside is grouped weekly, by date and by member. 

What can be tracked

Typical cases like:
  • Time tracking with timer.
  • Manually reported time.
  • Time editing.
  • Time deletion.
Untypical cases are highlighted with a different color:
  • Time tracking retrospectively.
  • Someone edited my time.
  • Someone stopped my timer.
  • Timer was stopped automatically (budget limit or day end).

Timelog in a member summary

If you open Home page and click on a user name in the timesheet section, you can open a member summary. One of the tabs in this summary is called Timelog. Timelog mirrors the member Time page with all time entries tracked where it could be easily edited and checked how time was reported into a task: with a timer or manually, from when to when, etc.

It has the advantage towards the task time log, as here you can all history at once for a member when you need to make a quick analysis of somebody's way to track time.

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