How to track time with Everhour projects

We give much attention to integrations and the ability to track time in most popular project management systems. However, Everhour can be an independent time tracker with a basic project management toolkit inside. If you need to create a task for miscellaneous activities or recurring tasks that do not fall into any project from your external project management tool, create a project in Everhour and track your time inside.

For instance, you have business calls and meetings with clients every day. This is quite handy to create an inner task called Meetings and track the time you spend on this activity.

How to create an internal project

This option is available only to team admins. Admins can edit all projects and add themselves to the project members list to be able to track time.

To create a new project:

  1. Open the Projects page.
  2. Click on Create Project in the upper right-hand corner.

When you click to add a new project, you should:

  1. Give it a name.
  2. Set a project layout (list or board view).
  3. Choose the client which a project refers to.
  4. Assign a project to team members to let them track time.
  5. Decide who can create and delete tasks in a project: only admins or each team member.

Next step is to fill the project in with sections and tasks. Open the project and click on Add Section/List, depending on what layout you choose. Sections or lists allow dividing a project into different stages or separate tasks by activity. You can see these sections in our reports when you use the column called Iteration.

Type the title of the section, and add a task through the Add Card/Task option. This is how the project creation looks at a glance:

When you save the project, it appears under your Projects tab. There is a filter by project source that allows showing only Everhour projects. All projects can be assigned to clients that you created in Everhour, have budgets and be billable.

How to start tracking in Everhour project

  • Click on the project title to open it and start a timer. The process looks similar to the situation when you track time directly in your integrated tool.
  • Open Time pagefind a project and task there via the search bark, start the timer or log hours manually.
  • Use our extension to enter task titles and start a timer. Click on the extension window, then open search on the right and type the name of the task.

How to delete or archive an Everhour project

If you delete an Everhour project, all its tasks and time history you have reported in will be removed completely. However, if it is added into the archived tab, you will be able to check the history in your reports and reactivate a project to resume tracking.

You can delete/archive a project by:

  1. Going to Projects
  2. Clicking on a project name
  3. Pressing the 3-dot sign next to a project name
  4. Choosing Edit project
  5. Choosing more actions > Archive Project or Delete Project
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