How to track time with Everhour projects

We give much attention to integrations and the ability to track time in most popular project management systems. However, Everhour can be an independent time tracker with a basic project management toolkit inside. If you need to create a task for miscellaneous activities or recurring tasks that do not fall into any project from your external project management tool, create a project in Everhour and track your time inside.

For instance, you have business calls and meetings with clients every day. This is quite handy to create an inner task called  Meetings and track the time you spend on this activity.

How to start tracking in Everhour project

  • Click on the project title to open it and start a timer. The process looks similar to the situation when you track time directly in your integrated tool.
  • Open Time pagefind a project and task there via the search bark, start the timer or log time manually by hours, interval. 

Once you choose a project, you can also create a task for it here on the fly. If it shows you no tasks found as per what you typed in there in the search bar, you will be asked whether you wish to create such a new task. If so, just hit this message and start tracking time.

  • Use our extension to enter task titles and start a timer. Click on the extension window, then open search on the right and type the name of the task.

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