Stop running timers at day's end

Why to stop timers

It is a common practice that people forget to switch off the tracker distracting by daily activity or being in a rush, and leave the workplace with the timer ticking. As a result, you can get a huge amount of time tracked in vain. For this case, Everhour offers two ways to stop the timer: manual stopover (admin’s preference) or automatic one (team settings). 

Where to set the timer stoppage

For the automatic stopover, an admin should set working days and hours in Team settings. We use this information to understand when a team is supposed to work. 
The second step is to go to Account > Applications. It allows you to choose the limitations for the stoppage: immediately at the day’s end or after one or two hours. 

The manual stoppage is possible on the Timers in the Reports. Team admins see everybody’s time, whereas supervisors see the data only for the projects they have access to. They can stop the running timer of any member and leave an explanation if required. In case you stop someone’s timer, the user receives an email with the explanation. You should be aware of the following fact: if the timer was stopped, we do not prevent users from starting it again.

Other ways to quickly stop the timer

  • Check our app if you use an iPhone. You can stop the running timer as well as resume it for recent tasks.
  • Log in to the website through a mobile browser and open Time.
  • Set a browser notification about long-running timers in Everhour.
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