Lock time editing for members

Why to lock time editing

Admins have a right to lock time editing for members after a certain period of time. This option was made for the team to be assured that no one would be able to make changes in their timesheets accidentally or intentionally. 
Imagine, you have issued an invoice, but your team members correct some time afterward, so the result in reports and on the invoice looks different. Another situation is to prevent fraud from some of the team members, who abuse time tracking and try to log their hours ad-hoc on the last day.

Where to set a limit on time editing

Only admins can lock time editing in team settings. It makes impossible for users with a member role to add new time or edit it. They will see a lock icon near the previously made time entries and have no option to select a date beyond the lock.
Admins and supervisors can still add and edit their time and time of others even within a locked period. 
To set the limit for the team, admins should check team settings following the path Account > Settings > Team Settings. Below you will find the section Company Policies / Limitations > Lock Time Editing.

Time limitation

The minimal limit for adding new time or correct existing entries is to lock changes after 1 day.
It is possible to set the block for a certain day of the week, that means you’ll not be able to make any arrangements after the selected day comes. Also, you can choose an option to block all changes to the Date in a month that will not allow correcting the existing time data for the prior period.
In case the project is archived, the time editing is also locked for members and supervisors, admins can still make a change.
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