How to use dashboards

Besides custom reports, Everhour has some ready-made dashboards which allow quickly analyzing teamwork with no superfluous steps. It is an easy way to check the real-time progress at a glance view with no need to create a new report each time you want to check something. 
Pre-configured Realtime Progress dashboard and Team Timesheet dashboard are located in Reports. 

Realtime Progress

Real-time progress is a visually informative way to check which task your member is currently working on. Here admins and supervisors may gauge and evaluate the progress of an employee not distracting them from the work process. They see who’s tracking time now, who was active a while ago, and who hasn’t run timer yet. 

Team admins see everybody’s time, whereas supervisors see the time only for the projects they have access to. They can stop the running timer of other members and leave an explanation if required. 

Team Timesheet

Team timesheet helps to view the structured picture of time a member spent weekly, monthly or for any other relevant period. By default, we show the last week team timesheet. Supervisors can see the time of other members only for the projects they have access to. To make some changes inside, you just need to click on a cell with time or on an empty cell.

Project, client and member summary boards

Every member, client, and project have their summary dashboards. To find time progress related to a member, a client or a project, click on their names anywhere you see it in Everhour.

Member summary shows the data per user activity. There are 2 sections: Summary and Timesheet. A summary shows the time by project, top tasks, Expenses if any (visible for team admins only) and monthly usage. A timesheet is part of the Team Timesheet with individual time entries of a user.

Project summary, as well as client summary, displays a quick summary of the time spent on the project. It is a diagram with blocks of time spent on the projects of the client monthly or weekly. Then comes a team’s time tracked for the last two weeks, projects for which the team spends most of the time, and a chart depicting actual billable time the team or the member used.

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