Billing methods of projects

Everhour lets you assign hourly or fixed-fee budgets to your projects, mark certain tasks as billable and non-billable, and then control the expenditure on this project. Here is a guide on how you do it.

How to make time billable

On the Projects page, you can see the billing status (fixed or hourly) of each project connected to your account.

Because Everhour is a task-based time tracking tool, you can mark specific tasks inside a billable project as non-billable. 
To make a task non-billable, click on its title wherever you see it on Everhour (reports, Time page, Team timesheet) and hit the dollar label to make it yellow.

Create an hourly member rate and cost

Team admins can set employee rates and costs by going to the Members page. A member rate will be taken by default in all projects where they track time. If a member has no rate, their time is considered non-billable.

Cost is what you pay your employees for the hour of their work. You can’t change the cost per project or per client. You can use it to calculate profit in our reports (explained below).

Create an hourly project and client rate

Admins can mark a project as billable by going to Projects page and simply click on a label near its name that shows its billing status. The options to choose are hourly project rate or hourly member rate. 

When you choose the hourly member rate option, you can customize a user rate for the particular project.

Fixed-Fee Billing

There is an option to make a project with a fixed fee. In this case, the billable amount will always stay the same, no matter what rates your teammates have. 

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