Buying subscription for Solo, small teams or non-profit organizations

Buying a Solo license

If you acquire a solo subscription, you can track time and have only one user in your account. There you have an unlimited quantity of projects inside, but no possibility to add other members. The payment can be made only for the year upfront.
If you need to change your solo plan to team subscription with an opportunity to add more members, you can do it at any moment. Go to your Billing page and click to change the plan. Having done this, you can invite others from the Members page.

Teams with fewer than 5 users

You can sign up for our Free Plan for teams so you will be able to add up to 5 users for free. Please note, Free Plan does not support integrations, so you will be able to create internal projects only.
Our payable Team plan includes 5 members in a team minimum that works both for a month and a year subscription, you and your team members will be able to add unlimited integrations. In case your team consists of 2 or 4 participants, the system still charges you for 5. Empty seats can be occupied by new users for free who join you later.

Subscription for a non-profit organization

Everhour does not offer any discount or special plan for teams that represent non-profit organizations. Such teams can always take advantage of buying an annual subscription. If you are looking for a license for a team of 50+ users, we could negotiate an extra discount.

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